Download While You Were Sleeping Wallpaper for Desktop

black wallpaper for desktop

If you’re looking for a desktop elegant and simple desktop background that has black, white, and shades of gray, then check Your Were Sleeping wallpaper. While You Were Sleeping desktop background featuring beautiful orbit surrounded the moon peeping through dark clouds that make the wallpaper outrageous. Download While You Were Sleeping Desktop Resolution – (3840

Redesigned Dark Theme is coming to Word app for Desktop

Microsoft is working on a full dark theme for Word Text editor that is the part of MS Office package for Windows 10. As of writing this blog post, the company is testing Word dark theme with Office insider. It is possible that by the end of next month its will be rolled out to

How to Transfer & Export Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

It’s really hard to manage many streaming services subscription. Moreover, for every streaming service, you need their official application also. Every streaming service costs monthly cost and there are many streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, Apple Music, Spotify, and many more, ..and lots of apps consume lots of device RAM and battery

4 Best Alternative Apps like Bluestack to Try in 2020

Whether you are an android application developer or maybe you just like to play android games on your laptop. But when it comes to an android simulator there is only one name that comes to our mind and that’s Bluestack. Despite being the most popular name as an android simulator, Bluestack still has many issues

10 Similar Games like Roblox for you to Play!

Roblox provides an online platform that can make your 3D worlds as you desire. Its one of the popular games and addictive as well but it has some downcards too. Players can create their customized avatar for themselves, you can become tenant by spending some of your digital money. Even you can decorate or furnish

How to Activate Import Password button in Google Chrome

Chrome users have been able to import saved passwords in other browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari, and others from the welcome screen. The screen that appears when you install the browser for the first time. But this feature was not available in Google chrome’s UI. User’s who wants to import

5 Best Screencasting Tools for Ubuntu Recording

Linux is one of the safest, sorted, and powerful operating system to work, and Linux users are increasing everyday.. one of the biggest reason is Linux comes with many distros. And, one of the most popular Linux-distros is Ubuntu. Ubuntu distro is accessed by a large community and growing every day because of its security,

15 Online Games to Play with your Friends

These days in the middle of this pandemic Covid-19 no one has much to do, stuck in their homes. So, We have brought a list of some of the best, fun to play, and adventurous games for you. Most of these games are compatible with PC, PSP, and Xbox multiplayer games. Following are the reasons

6 Free yet Best OXPS to PDF Converter

Many Tools and application supports PDF but not OXPS these days, So, you may want and looking to convert your OXPS file into PDF file. Further, in this post, we will discuss the best converters to convert.OXPS files into PDF files and very easy to use as well. What is OXPS files? OXPS stands for

10 Best Calendar App for Android – 2020

A calendar unlike past decades have served a vital role to us. Reminding us of important birthday or hitting up a message to attend an ‘important’ meeting, inviting friends over home, or simply looking over for a date. In every aspect Calendar have it’s own importance. Cross-checking your upcoming schedule or checking for weekends, let