How to Activate Import Password button in Google Chrome

Chrome users have been able to import saved passwords in other browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari, and others from the welcome screen. The screen that appears when you install the browser for the first time. But this feature was not available in Google chrome’s UI.

User’s who wants to import password from another browser into google chrome didn’t have this functionality before. Recently, Google has added a new option for users to import the password directly into the browser. Earlier, users have to enable it using Inspect Element trick

If you are one such user who is looking forward to doing so, you can do it by following a few steps as mentioned below.

Activate Import Password Button in Chrome

Make sure that you are on a stable version of google chrome.

Now, we have to enable the flag. For this, in the URL address bar open 'chrome://flags/#password-import-export'.

Using the Password Import drop-down change the setting from Default to Enabled.

Click on the Relaunch button to apply the changes.

Finally, to import the passwords, you need copy-paste this ‘chrome://settings-frame/passwords‘ in the browser address bar. You will instantly reach the Password page.

Here, head over to Saved Password section, click on More actions (Three dots) icon and you will find an ‘import‘ option.

Click on it, select the password file which you want to import. There you go, you have imported all the passwords into Google chrome.

What do you think about this feature of Google chrome? The addition of such features has been ease for user experience, right? Comment your thoughts.

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