10 Best Calendar App for Android – 2020

A calendar unlike past decades have served a vital role to us. Reminding us of important birthday or hitting up a message to attend an ‘important’ meeting, inviting friends over home, or simply looking over for a date. In every aspect Calendar have it’s own importance.

Cross-checking your upcoming schedule or checking for weekends, let it be any occasion. Calendar is a must needed ‘prop’. But as we are in the 21st century, Calendar has become handy. Now anyone can have access to calendar right on your Android phone no matter where you are, or at what time.

Fortunately, there are lots of useful Android calendar apps available on Google play Store which you can install on your phone. Lets look at some amazing Calendar App for Android.

Best Android Calendar Apps

Many different applications on Android provides various user interface or features that are useful for the users. Here is a list of Best Calendar Apps that you may love to use:

1. Google Calendar

Been the tech king, Google has its root spread thoroughly. Google Calendar is the most popular yet widely used application by android users. It helps you to synchronize birthdays, important events, meetings, and access them from any device using your Google account details.

You will like the simplicity of the app. In the majority of Android devices, it comes ‘in-built’. The best part of Google calendar is, it adopts information from other Calendar apps and sync them in it.

2. CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks

CalenGoo is a Calendar application for Android users that directly syncs with Google Calendar. You can save photos/files per date as your events accordingly. You can customize the app to your comfort level and even save events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Through CalenGoo you can monitor weather forecast (check it as per dates as it is synced online). Easy user interface like drag and drop options for events, adding contacts to events, and much more. You can even add Widgets in order to easily access different features from CalenGoo Calendar.

3. Business Calendar 2

A calendar application that is powerful enough as the name suggests to maintain all your business chores. Loaded with 22 different themes and customization options like adjusting individual font sizes and styles makes the app appear as you want it to. It provides suggestions of places as per your daily updates (such as job, colleges, etc), which is managed by the TomTom Database.

You can easily copy the events to various dates and repeating alarm. Unlike other Calendar apps, you won’t find any ADs to disturb your experience. Finally, with the latest update, ‘Day Pro’ theme, helps you to have access to all the features of app on one page.

4. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

A simple yet highly customized application with 42 theme colors, 7 extra widget themes, Automatic covers (as per your schedule). The secret of DigiCal Calendar is its simplicity. Various options like assigning color to every day/event, Global Forecast feature makes it more attractive to use.

It syncs with Google calendar and has an option to sync timer and dates with events for a faster and accurate experience.

5. Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

If you are looking for an application that can handle your basic Calendar needs such as adding events, arranging meetings dates, syncing contacts to events, reminders, etc,. then Calendar Widget app is best. It syncs with Google and is very simple to use.

Users review for the app regards stating it is an underdog application with minimal exposure.

6. Calendar Notify

Give the calendar Notify app a try if you want to have a smooth experience while navigating through your important dates. Users have ultimate control over the application. Even though the application can be synced with Google Calendar, it has its own backup and restore options.

You can access the calendar events on lock screen as well. Never miss an important date or event now with Calendar Notify.

7. aCalendar – a calendar app for Android

As the name suggests, aCalendar is an Android calendar app with all the necessary options and features that you will be wanting. Flexible recurrences, intuitive navigation between day, week, month, and agenda view. Unlike other applications, aCalender uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization system for a faster backup and restore utilities.

8. Simple Calendar

The app is widely used because of its no-language-barrier feature. It is available for over 30+ languages. You can quickly navigate in the app between day, week, month ‘view‘. It has a good notification system that gives a better follow up to the events and dates that you schedule.

To make the user experience promptless, the app do not have any ADs.

9. Calendar Daily – Planner 2020

Have various options such as user viewing window at one glance, this means, you can view week, month and year window in one glance. You can easily add events weekly, bi-weekly, monthly as per your convenience and edit them whenever you want to. You can switch to ‘day-view’ if you have a lot of events and reminders to manage.

In simple words, Calendar Daily is a handy application for users who have to manage several reminders such as meetings, plans every day.

10. New Calendar 2020

A very simple calendar application, possibly an add-on to the Google Calendar. It has around 10 widgets and supports 30 region festivals, holidays, etc,. you can even find voice recording options with sticky notes, you can simply add various voice notes to your daily schedule to save time.

Taking a step forward, you can see the full-screen event reminder even when the phone is locked to never stay back on your schedule.

Now its your turn to pick the one that fulfil your requirements. In case, we forget to mention any good Calendar app which you’re using already, then feel free to share in the comments.

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