8 Best Discord Server Bots to make it Spam-Free

Discord is one the propriety platform with more than 250 million users over the world by last year. Discord allows users to VOIP calls, instant messaging to each other, or broadcast in the community within a group or community.

Today you can find many communities in discord from education to gaming to business where you will see most of the users active not only in the day but also at night as well. But with more users, there is always more chance for any app or website to get bombarded with spam, right? Fret not!

Fortunately, Discord made it possible for the users to add bots in their server, which can act as an autoresponder, moderator, and so on which made discord better, productive, and spam-free.

Now you might be wondering; what are the best discord moderation bots, and how to install Discord bots on your server, right?

To help you out we decided to cover this blog post in which you will find useful discord bots that will make your server spam free accompanied by steps on how to install them. Let’s start with installation:

How to Add & Install Discord Bots on your Server

If you are new to discord it would be a little difficult for you to do this. But you need not worry; they are reasonably easy to install and add. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your Discord account, Select your desired Bot to add to your server.
  2. After selecting, invite your selected bot to your Server wherever you like to add the Bot.
  3. Grant permissions to the Bot (but don’t give unnecessary one).
  4. You can give your desired role to the Bot in your server.
  5. Create a Command channel to give command to your selected bot.
  6. By Communicating with it set it up. That’s it!

Best & Useful Discord Bots for your Server

1. Dynobot

Dyno is a fully customizable server bot that has feature very intuitive web dashboard. It helps the admin to do many tasks on its own such as moderation, anti-spam/auto-moderation, custom-commands, role management, and much more..

By the help of this bot you can manage your discord server hassle-free, after installing you don’t need to worry spammers, also provide many useful features for your members.

That’s not it! You can also it as a discord music bot with your playlists, DJ roles, and more. It can do even more tasks like Announcements, Autoroles, Custom Commands, Joinable Ranks, AFK Status, Reminders, and much more. Pretty good right! 😉

Link to invite and add this bot | Official Website

2. Mee6

One of the most easiest yet powerful discord bot is Mee6 bot! Its has many nice features such as moderation, Custom Commands, Leveling, Youtube, Twitch, Reddit & more!

This bot will welcome every newcomer who will join your server with a welcome message and you can add your server rules, topics or ongoing events with that message.

Mee6 helps you to protect your discord server from spam, ads, swearing, excessive emojis and much more thanks to their highly customized moderation and protection. Other than this whenever you will start any live stream on you Twitch account or Post a new video in you Youtube channel it will send alert in your discord server about that.

Link to invite and add this bot | Official Website

3. Lenoxbot

Lenoxbot discord bot is a multipurpose bot. As the creator claimed that there goal is to make lenoxbot a complete bot so that you don’t need to use other bot with it.

They are trying to include as much features as they can, it shows too as they have updated their bot more 3000 times.

LenoxBot offers many features such as Administration, Moderation, Searches, Application system. You can use Lenoxbot as discord music bot as well by setting your own playlist.

Moreover it can handle NSFW content also in your server. Also able to convert currency along utility and a ticket system.

Link to invite & add this bot | Official Website

4. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is also multipurpose discord bot yet it has many unique feature as its name signfies “memes”.

One of the popular discord meme bot, which you can use in your server or DM for sending memes in your conversation, which definitely make your conversation more fun.

Other than that, Dank Memer is high class discord bot with more than 260 commands..

which lets users to help as moderation bot to moderate users, music bot to share with users in your discord server, currency bot for currency exchange and converter, image manipulation bot, and much more!

Link to invite & add this bot | Official Website

5. GAwesome Bot

Another multipurpose bot for discord is GAwesome Bot, highly customizable and powerful bot, which is not just one of the best choice for moderation but comes with many other features.

Apart from this, it can moderate your server including kick, ban, or award member ranks. Moreover, it can also able to conduct polls, generate memes, giveaways, and so on.

But what make GAwesome different than other discord bots? you probably thinking this right! The answer is its feature name Robust extension system which means GAwesome bot will show results from Google, Wikipedia, Youtube and more.. when you will ask it to show.

Link to invite & add this bot | Official Website

6. Miki

Another fun discord bot in our list is Miki, this bot provide you full control over your discord server. Miki is rich in features bot and has many feature including..

It can moderate you server and bring many moderation tools which allow you to clean up chats and spammers, you can reward incentive to members in terms of role or level-based roles and so on.

Leaderboard structure is one of the best feature of this discord bot in which members can earn experience points based on frequency of sending messages, being active in server and more..

Moreover, Miki lets users to gamble with their XP points in a Blackjack game which can definitely enhance members experience and of course fun to play, indeed Miki is great bot for every server and community members.

Link to invite and add this bot | Official Website

8. ZeroTwo

Last but the not the least discord bot for moderation is ZeroTwo, One of the most trending moderation bot right now. Of course It can do moderation but other than moderate your server and its members.

It lets users to customize their profile pictures and help you to personalize your discord also. And other than that you can use it as music bot as well it do everything what all other music bots are capable to do.

Other than that It comes with web Dashboard, Economy Tool, and it has unique card game also. Apart from these it is capable of rewarding and revoking roles as per your server members activities and messages.

Link to invite & add this bot | Official Website

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