5 Best ePub Reader for Android OR iPhone & iPad

Everyone has some hobby and we can see that many people are pursuing that in this global pandemic COVID-19, some are trying and experimenting with cooking, some learning coding

..whereas some peoples are enjoying reading books, whether its for gaining knowledge or just as a hobby. In fact its the best time to read and learn new books and get more knowledge and information.

In case if you are wandering ‘What the heck is epub?’!!

epub (electronic publication) is file format, with .epub file extension. One of the most popular file formats for ebooks on computers and smartphones including iOS and Android devices. It is basically an archive of HTML files with images and other resource files.

That’s why today we have brought a compilation of best ePub reader apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

1. PocketBook [Android + iOS]

Pocketbook not lets you to just read but also listen the audiobooks, supports more than 25 formats including audio formats like FB2, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, CBR, DJVU, and CBZ, many more.

With this app you can not just hear audio book but with the help of it’s built-in feature of TTS (Text to Speech), you are able to listen any book instead of reading them.

To encourage you to read more, Pocketbook comes with 2-night modes which are helpful in preventing your eyes from strain due to the blue light of the screen.

Moreover, Once you download and you can read the books offline without having internet, and Pocketbook has a built-in dictionary as well, in case you need to look up for new words

Its cloud feature helps you to sync, notes, and bookmarks to your other devices also. and you can totally customize your fonts-size and font-family, margin, line spacing, and more..

Download & Install on: Android | iOS

2. Kobo Books [Android + iOS]

You can use Kobo on smartphones including Android and iOS devices along on your PC computer as well. Same as Pocketbook, with the help of Kobo’s TTS (Text to Speech) feature you can listen to books instead of reading.

Kobo has one big library of more than 5 million titles for you to pick to read. It also supports many different formats including EPUB, PDF, and many more.

This Reader also has the feature to sync you all devices so you can read whatever from wherever you want. It would not let you slow down your progress.

Other than that, Kobo has also built-in feature besides that you can fully customize your screen including font size, font style, night modes to protect your eye if you love to read in dark.

Download & Install on: Android | iOS

3. Moon+ Reader [Android]

The next app on our list is Moon+ Reader, one of the most popular epub reader apps for android devices, supports many different formats including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, AZW3, and many more..

As above mentioned apps, It also has customization features which let user change font family, font sizes, line spacing, margin, font-weight.. and comes with 2 modes of reading day and night mode for them who loves to read books in the night before their bedtime.

It also lets users decide how they want to flip their pages while reading depending on your devices, you can flip pages, volume button, touch screen, and there are few more options as well.

Moon+ Reader comes with auto-scrolling mode feature which help you to save time in scrolling, auto-scrolling modes are like by pixels, by line, by page, and more.

It has a Cloud sync option as other apps, which lets you sync all devices so you don’t need to remember where you left when you read on any other device. You can access their library as well and backup and restore from Dropbox cloud also.

Download & Install on: Android

4. ReadEra [Android]

This one I personally use and would love to recommend, why? Because this application has the cleanest interface. and to use this application you don’t need to sign up and log in.

Moreover.. they don’t show you any kind of advertisement on their interface which really helps you to focus on just reading, as you would not get distracted by any kind of ads.

ReadEra supports many file formats such as EPUB, PDF, WORD, TXT, DJVU, etc. This app lets you open two files simultaneously by splitting the screen in two and you can access it offline as well without any cost.

It also comes with an auto-sync feature to read on other devices, auto-detection, and auto grouping features also you’ll have which helps you to manage your books on its own. Also supports footnote text, page pointer navigation, and bookmarks.

It also gives you plenty of options when it comes to customization which lets you change font size, font type, line spacing, brightness, margin adjustment, screen orientation, and a few more thing you can do.

Download & Install on: Android

5. Marvin 3 [iOS]

Marvin3 is one of the best epub reader apps for iOS devices and supports many different formats including CBR, CBX, and EPUB, and more..

Marvin 3 has features of slide over and split-screen, along with it, has feature switching auto light & dark theme. Other than this you can highlight the text, make notes while reading, annotation, bookmarks, and few more..

It has inbuilt text to speech karaoke reading feature, So you don’t need to read instead you can listen.

Marvin 3 lets user cloud sync support, ability to side-load fonts, import and export utility, different view modes, and some more features are included with these.

Download & Install on: iOS


Many EPUB readers are available today in both app stores whether Google’s Play Store or Apple iTunes. And we have picked five best of em based on their features, user-interface and of course, everyone likes to have things for free.

Our Recommendation

For Android Users.. ReadEra epub reader application is we found the best, due to its good and enormous features, and most importantly you don’t to signup with them So, no need to log in as well. Moreover, it is a free epub reader and they don’t even show any advertisement which makes it much better than any other epub reader out there for android lovers.

iPhone & iPad Users… for iOS devices, PocketBook is one of the best epub reader application as it can support more than 25+ different file formats which are more than any other similar app, clean and premium look user-interface, Come with built-in TTS features and it can support comic formats such CBR & CBZ.

..and Don’t forget to tell us what epub reader you liked and used the most.. and If you feel we should add any other reader app in this list, then please tell us that in comments.

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