10 Best Free Wi-Fi Calling App for Android – 2020

Very frequently we get stuck at places where our signal towers are equal to null and we do not get proper clarity while calling someone. Wi-Fi has made it easier for people to have access to the internet over time. But did you know, you could call users over Wi-Fi using your android? Yes, you head it right.

There are various amazing apps available on the Google play store that brings the ability for users to have a great experience while calling someone without any disturbance. You just need to download it on your phone, create a free account and you’re ready to go.

Best Free Wi-Fi Calling App for Android

Since there are lots of Android Wi-Fi Calling apps available, it might become difficult for you to find the best one for you. Don’t worry! To help you out we create a list of 10 Best Free apps that you can use to make calls over Wi-Fi.

Let’s start with first one in the list:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been the lead chat-based communication application over the years that has gained the trust of users. Using the WhatsApp application on android, users can have direct calls to another user. This call is not monitored or recorded on any bases. Users can even have group calls (conference) up to 8 people at a time.

For a user to place a call to another user, they have to make sure that the app is installed on both the phone. Limitations drops down to user’s will not be able to call a landline or people who do not have WhatsApp.

2. Facebook Messenger

Unlike WhatsApp, users do not call on a particular phone number when they use Facebook Messenger to call. They simply call the user of that particular ID. Calls through messenger are much clear than many other apps. You can simply give a call to another user even if they are using Facebook on their Desktop PC or Laptop.

A majority of users already use Facebook it will be easier for you to communicate and put a hand on the Messenger calling. You can create a ‘group of friends’ to have a conference call as well.

3. Skype

Skype has been the most used application in recent times. User opts Skype for calls over Wi-Fi because they do not compromise their privacy. They can just share their user name or ID link and connect to anyone, then, place a voice call or a video call, and it’s done. Isn’t that simple? Users can even share their screen to show documents, files, and have access to many other interesting features.

Calls made on Skype to other Skype users are totally free, but if a user wants to make a call to a landline or cellphone without skype, then they have to opt for Skype Payment plans.

4. Discord

Discord is known to be a Gamer Hub. Any gamer who plays frequently will know about it. Discord provides overall communication to users. As their motto explains ‘Your place to talk’, they do not limit anyone. Been a step ahead users can have HD quality calls over Wi-Fi with just a few clicks.

You can create a group and even set sub-groups of users to have sorted calls all day long.

5. Google Duo

Who doesn’t know Google? Duo service by Google provides lag-free calls over Wi-Fi to users. They have been connected through the application in order to place calls. There is no limit for the number of users that you can add in the conference call. It is simple to use and has a very good interface.

The calls are secured and the person who starts the call can mute/remove the users time-to-time.

6. TextNow

A free to use application that even provides temporary phone numbers to users. You can simply get a phone number to receive messages and texts, calls, and so on through a randomly assigned number. You can change the number once in 15 days. The application provides free calls over Wi-Fi.

For international calls on landlines, etc,. users have to add a limited balance.

7. DingTone

DingTone is a similar application to TextNow with little simplicity to the features. User’s can get a 2nd number in order to call users to maintain their privacy. These phone numbers are monitored by themselves. Once the number is released from your account, all the records to that number is permanently deleted.

You can send unlimited messages and make calls over Wi-Fi with a good clarity. Users do not have to worry about their connection and the app is totally free to use.

8. SnapChat

Snapchat is a quick status update application where users can send pictures, videos to other fellow users and it will be wiped after a particular time instantly. The app most liked feature is their ‘streaks‘. Snapchat have been providing a great voice-call feature lately, along with video call.

It has been a figurative application since users log in every 24 hrs in order to maintain their snap streak. This enables a large user base and knowing interface to users.

9. Telegram

Telegram provides online voice over IP service. By which you can call other people through Wi-Fi. Users have to be in your contact list and must have a Telegram application downloaded. The application is pretty easy to use and holds up to 1000 people group.

You can have conference calling through the group that is created. The messages and calls are encrypted for better safety and privacy of users.

10. Signal Private Messenger

With a trust of millions of users, Signal Private Messenger have been spreading its services. With HD quality voice calls and video calls, users can opt for Wi-Fi calling. It has many features that will keep you going time to time. People can create groups and opt for conference calling.

Most importantly, the app requires the other user to have Signal Messenger installed in order to use their calling service.

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