How to Transfer & Export Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

It’s really hard to manage many streaming services subscription. Moreover, for every streaming service, you need their official application also.

Every streaming service costs monthly cost and there are many streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, Apple Music, Spotify, and many more, ..and lots of apps consume lots of device RAM and battery as well which make it sometimes annoying.

But these days many of us including me using Apple music over Spotify more.. due to their great deals. And I wanted to access my Spotify music on Apple music. But I wasn’t able to find a good and easy method about “how to export or copy Spotify playlist on Apple Music”.

How to Switch Over from Spotify to Apple Music

That’s why today we are writing about this because there are some web-based methods and some useful apps are there with the help of them you can easily do this task. Let’s take a look at the simplest ways of transferring the Spotify playlist over to Apple music.

We have two different methods by the help of these you can easily convert Spotify Playlist to Apple Music which are as follows:

  • By Using SongShift
  • By Using TuneMyMusic

Import Spotify Playlist to Apple Music using TuneMyMusic

TuneMyMusic is a web-based application that lets users to Copy and Import Spotify playlist to Apple Music easily. This is an effective & easiest method and you don’t require any iOS device for this.

1.Open the URL

2. Click & Go to “Let’s Start”

3. Click Spotify and Login in your Spotify account.

4. Now, Click Agree. and then Click on “Load from you Spotify Account“.

5. Select the Playlist which you want to move.

6. Then Click on “Next:Select Destination

7. Select Apple Music and login to your Apple Music account. and Click Allow.

8. In the end, you just need to click on “Start Moving My Music”.

9. Wait for the process to get done. That’s it!

Transfer Music Playlist from Spotify to Apple Music using Songshift

There are many applications that are able to transfer playlist between two or more music streaming services but Songshift is one of the easiest methods.

For this Process, you need an iOS device and then you have to login both Apple Music & Spotify account in Songshift app after then you can proceed to transfer the music between two of them. Here’s the step by step procedure of doing that.

1. Download and Install SongShift on your iOS device.

2. After done with installing it, Open the Songshift application. Tap on Spotify.

3. Login in your Spotify account and then tap on Agree.

4. After this Select Apple Music by tapping on it, then tap on Continue.

5. Tap Connect and then OK.

6. Give Access the Songshift by tapping on Connect under Connect iCloud Library.

7. Continue and log-in.

8. Then tap to Allow, after that tap on Continue.

9. After Finishing setting up the accounts, tap on Get Started.

10. From the bottom of the screen tap on plus Icon.

11. Then you’ll have to tap on Setup Source and Select Spotify logo after that tap on continue.

12. Select your desired playlist which you are willing to transfer and then tap on Done.

13. Next, Tap on ‘I’m finished’, then wait for a while for completing the transfer process

14. Continue and now your playlist has been copied to Apple Music.

We hope you find method in this blog post useful. If you know any easier way to do that, then feel free to share with us in the comments.

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