6 Free yet Best OXPS to PDF Converter

Many Tools and application supports PDF but not OXPS these days, So, you may want and looking to convert your OXPS file into PDF file. Further, in this post, we will discuss the best converters to convert.OXPS files into PDF files and very easy to use as well.

6 Free yet Best OXPS to PDF Converter

What is OXPS files?

OXPS stands for the Open XML Paper Specification file format. A Similar File format as PDF which can have static content and layout of the document. Open XPS format is an extension to the XPS file format.

Almost a decade ago, Microsoft and Ecma International introduced this file format officially. In this, we can easily edit our document, share it, and can print our digital docs.

Reasons to Convert OXPS file to PDF file

The majority of people these days are using pdf file format because even after a decade OXPS is neither used by many people nor supported by much software and tools.

PDF files are way more easier to access whereas OXPS file format is very complex to access.

OXPS file format don’t support dynamic functionality whereas PDF can do that easily.

PDF is supported by all major operating systems, whereas OXPS is not supported by Mac OS, but support PDF format.

Best OXPS to PDF Converters

One or more of this can be your reason to change your OXPS into PDF file format, that’s why we have compiled a list of best online converters for you to convert OXPS files into PDF Online.

1. Group Docs

Its a very easy and powerful online converter tool to convert XPS to PDF, Easy user interface, as it is an online converter tool you don’t even need to download any file to convert.

Support tons of different file formats to convert and you can choose any of them as output file as well not just the PDF.

You can save the result to PDF, EPUB, XPS, OXPS, PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX, ODP, OTP, PPTM, PPSM, FODP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, PSD, HTML and plenty more..

It is compatible with all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, You can access it on any operating system including Windows, Mac OS, Linux even on Android, and iPhone as well.

Just Upload or Drag your desired file to convert on this converter and select your output file format and click on ‘Convert Now’. That’s it! You can able to download the file instantly.

They keep converted files on their server for 24 hours so for a day you can access files from there Of course if you want so. After that file will get deleted.

2. XPS to PDF

Next Online Converter on our list is ‘XPS to PDF’; it is a free online converter as well which lets you download your converted files instantly.

For this you don’t need to download and install anything, no registration required and your output file would not have any kind of watermark as well.

The interface is quite simple and minimal, you can select the tab from XPS to PDF, OXPS to PDF, PDF to XPS as per your need and convert your file from there.

You can simply upload or drag files over this converter, a good feature about this is you can drag up to 20 files at once to convert.

Converted files you can download either one by one or at once by downloading zip archive file.

3. Primo PDF

Primo PDF helps you to convert OXPS to PDF file format not only OXPS but it also supports many other file formats that you can convert into PDF.

It is a converter software so you need to download it in your system first, It is not a free tool but you can try its trial period for free. User-Interface of Primo PDF is very sorted so it’s very easy to access by anyone.

If you don’t have a reader for your PDF files it has one in-built ready for you. Primo PDF can do conversion rapidly than most of the other converters.

It offers high-quality conversion to PDF, comprising a user-friendly interface that enables printing to PDF from virtually any Windows application.

It has the ability to optimize PDF output for your screen, convert to e-book, help you to print your PDF, and prepress, secure PDF files with 128-bit encryption.

To Convert Any OXPS file into PDF you just need to drag the desired OXPS file and drop on this converter and convert. That’s it.

4. Cool Utils

Another Convert is Cool Utils on our list, released in 2003, a user friendly handy file converter.

Cool Utils has Built in wizards which is able to set the appropriate settings for you to convert your desired files.

..whereas It also gives the freedom to user to set their desired settings to achieve their desire results.

Using Cool Utils You can convert PDF, OXPS, XSP moreover you can convert audio, image, video files as well.

5. Any Conv

When you will visit this online converter there you would not see anything except one button ‘Choose File’. From there you can choose and select your file which you are willing to convert.

then Click ‘Convert’ to start converting your OXPS file into PDF file, input size should not be exceed than 50 mb.

File Conversion is pretty fast, After the conversion is done you can instantly download your file. Same as XPS to PDF they also keep output files on their server for 24 hours.

Any Conv Support more than 120+ file format conversions as Autocad to pdf, BMP to PDF, PPTX to PDF, GIF to PDF, DOT to PDF, DOCX to Pdf and many more..

6. Unite PDF

Last but not the least Free Online Converter on our list is Unite PDF, Its Powerful, Free, Easy to use, and Fast as well. You can upload the input file not exceeding 20 MB.

No need to download files from Dropbox, Google Drive you can directly select within Unit PDF and easily can convert from there.

Simply upload or drag your file the same as other converters by clicking on ‘Choose File’, Then after done with selecting the file click on ‘Convert File’ to convert the file. In the end, you are able to download your converted output file by clicking on ‘Download File’.

Unite PDF has some other tools as well such PDF tools that let you merge two or more PDFs, Split your PDF file into two or more parts, Compress your PDF, and you can even sign your PDF with these tools. You can even add your watermarks in your PDF Files.

Moreover, they support many other conversions as well such as Word to JPG, PDF to JPG, PPTX to JPG, and SVG to PDF, RTF to DOC.

All of them are free, easy to use, powerful and fast converters you can try to convert your XPS or OXPS files into PDF files.

The best convertor is ‘Any Conv’ & ‘Unite PDF’ as they support several formats and bundled with many other kinds of features related to PDF files and support other file formats too.

The one only difference is that Unite Word can accept input file max of 20 MB whereas Any Conv can 50 MB. Please let us know which one you found the best in the comment section.

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