Redesigned Dark Theme is coming to Word app for Desktop

Microsoft is working on a full dark theme for Word Text editor that is the part of MS Office package for Windows 10. As of writing this blog post, the company is testing Word dark theme with Office insider. It is possible that by the end of next month its will be rolled out to everyone.

Dark theme is already available in the Word app, but it’s not a fully dark theme. Currently, enabling the Word Dark theme only applied to particular sections of the app. For example, the pages of documents remained white, which is not too comfortable for the eyes, especially when working at night.

The New Dark theme for Word will be applied to entire user interface pages of documents whose background will become dark gray and the font will be white.

However, as you can see in the screenshot posted by Florian B on Twitter, that the white rectangles available on the toolbar are still white. It is possible that when the company rolls out a full-fledged dark theme for Word to the public it will be fixed.

The steps to enable a dark theme for the Word app for Windows 10 will remain the same. Here’s how you can enable it:

Click on File > Account.

On the right side using Office Theme drop-down select Dark.

Note that for Excel and PowerPoint; both apps who’re also part of the Microsoft Office suite, don’t have a similar dark theme as of writing this post.

What are your thoughts about Dark Theme for Word app for Windows 10? Are you excited? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

Thanks florian for the tip

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