10 Similar Games like Roblox for you to Play!

Roblox provides an online platform that can make your 3D worlds as you desire. Its one of the popular games and addictive as well but it has some downcards too. Players can create their customized avatar for themselves, you can become tenant by spending some of your digital money.

Even you can decorate or furnish your virtual house with your own money which may cost you a significant amount If you or your kids are addicted to this game.

Roblox also offers a huge variety of outfits so that players can make your avatar look unique and cool which also can be bought by money that not good for your wallet. Other Players will also mock and bully you if you don’t upgrade house or avatar with real money.

Better and Similar Games like Roblox for you to Play

That’s why today we have brought similar games as Roblox which don’t have similar cons as Roblox as some of them are free, some of those don’t even require internet and you can play them offline as well. So, let’s begin..

1. Terasology

One of the fantastic and open-source 3D game based on Minecraft game. Players who liked Roblox to play they have liked Terasology as well. Not like Roblox, Terasology is a completely free game.

It is creative, adventurous, and fun to play.. which always challenges players to keep on moving and make their own way.

Terasology is compatible with Windows Operating System only.

2. Lego World

The next game on our list is ‘Lego world’ it is played and like by Roblox Players as well as by Lego fans. It is a sandbox-like game that allows the player to build and construct their world with lego bricks & items.

By using pre-designed Lego structures, you can build and customize your desired world. Lego world allows you to explore more on helicopter, motorcycle, and gorilla also. It is a must-play game for Roblox & Lego fans.

Lego World Price: $29.99

Lego World is available & compatible with Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One.

3. Block n Load

Block n Load is an A-class voxel-based sandbox game, its a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. It’s a strategic game that allows gamers full freedom to use any kind of strategy.

Of course, the Team with the most innovative and creative plan, proper communication along with all team players, and battle experience will be more likely to win. All this combining together make Block n Load an amazing, creative, multiplayer battle game.

Block n Load Price: $15

Block n Load is officially available on Windows only, but you can play this game on Mac & Linux as well.

4. Rising World

Another game on our list is Rising World, which can be played by single and multiplayer also. It’s an open-source sandbox, survival game as well, gamers can build their world by procedurally.

This game lets players explore densest forests, deepest and darker caves, secret dungeons, and highest mountains. You can found and develop your own civilization. The game lets you team up with other players, you can trade with them and can fight them also.

Rising World Price: $14.99

Rising World is available on Windows & Mac OS devices, but you can play on Linux as well.

5. Trove

Another similar game like Roblox is ‘Trove’, a sandbox based, adventurous, and multiplayer battle game. Game is similar but uplifted version of Minecraft and Roblox, but developer made this game better than those two by enhancing the gaming design and concepts

Trove customized players in classes such as shadow hunter, candy barbarian, neon ninja, and few more, trove let players customize hat, mask, or weapon, and a lot more you can customize along with them. You can earn rewards by looting from dungeons and bosses indeed its a fun game to play with your friends.

Trove game is absolutely Free

Trove game is available for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

6. Mythruna

If you like Roblox and Minecraft then I am sure you are going to love Mythruna Game as well. As it is the enhanced version of Minecraft and Roblox game. It was developed in Java to play in Linux but it’s also available for Mac OS and Windows also.

Mythruna is an RPG, world-building game that lets the player do mining, crafting along with a voxel-based sandbox world-building experience. This game is around from last few years ago, but it’s still fun to play.

Mythruna game is Free to play.

Mythruna game is available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

7. The Blockheads

Another game on the list is The Blockheads which is also Free game to play, sandbox based, 2D procedurally world-building game.

The character that players going to control in this game is called Blockheads, and they are able to destroy and create blocks and craft materials to develop the desired world. Players can explore the desert, ocean high mountains, dark and underground caves, weather change experience, and many more.

The Blockheads is also Free to Play.

Blockheads Available for your Android and iOS devices.

8. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is an online multiplayer 3-D platform world-building game, in which you can make your work by organizing blocks with other items. The gameplay is fun because you can do anything from fighting to creating artistic designs.

Cubic Castles lets users customize their player avatar and give them a unique look with shirts, pants, glasses, hats, and more. The game also provides many mining resources such as mountains, deserts, tropical islands, to wastelands and forests to create and develop your world.

Cubic Castles is a Free game to play.

Cubic Castles is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

9. KoGaMa

Moving on next game is KoGaMA, a Free 3D multiplayer web-browser based construction game that is addictive and fun to play. KoGaMa lets you design and creates your own games and its level which you can play and share with your friends or other players also.

To enjoy this fully, you’ll need to get used terrain and logic, which enhances your gaming experience and help this game to make more interesting and addictive. In KoGaMa, there are endless possibilities as you can play any game of any genre and it’s free too to play.

KoGaMa is Free to play game.

It is available and can be play on any browsers.

10. Minetest

Last but not the least game is Minetest an open-source voxel engine based game. Minetest has many mods available, you can choose any to play as per your liking. Moreover, In Mintest one can create its own game as well which can be played with other players, sounds cool right!

The game lets users build there a world in an area of 62000 x 62000 x 62000 blocks which is 62000 blocks in wide and length and 31000 blocks are you can dig down or build upside. This Game also provides a unique feature for automatic map generator which will generate maps for you based on your set parameters.

Minetest is Free to Play.

Minetest Game is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android.

There are plenty of more games, which are similar to Roblox even better than that, and Of course, Minecraft is one of them.

Don’t forget to tell us what game is your favorite and why.

And.. In the last, If you feel that we should add any other game in this list, then please tell us below in comment section. Cheers!

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